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Chef's Corner


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Meet our Head Chef & Let the food do the talking

How long have you been working at the hotel?
Since August 2015

What made you want to be a chef and how long have you been doing it?
I always like cooking, that why I choose to be a chef it isn’t a profession for me but a passion and I discover new things every day. I’ve met a lot of chef on my way and I’ve learned something new from each of them.

What do you look for when you create a new dish or menu? What's your main considerations?
Taste and new interesting ideas, guest satisfaction and opportunity to show the skills of myself and my team. I love to work with local suppliers, look at a new approach to classic dishes and putting a modern twist on them.

What's proving to be the most popular dish on your menu this month and why do you think that is?
Apple smoked orchard pork ribs and all our Aubrey Allen grass fed beef steaks. Ours ribs are marinated and smoked in house, we all take pride to make sure they always taste like no others . Aubrey Allen beef is quality, tradition and has the best flavour in the UK.

The #shelfie - a chef's five must have herbs and spices always available on the shelf! What are yours and why?
Garlic, parsley , smoked paprika , thyme, lemon. By using them in kitchen you get millions of magical dishes with and deep taste.

When you go home, who does the cooking? Are you territorial in the kitchen!?
Always me, me and me.

Do any celebrity chefs inspire you? And if you had to compare yourself to one, who would you say you most resemble in terms of cooking style and/or temperament?
Gary Rhodes – his style is all about passion, the right ingredients and getting the perfect taste. He always gets the best out of all ingredients to create a perfect dish. All his dishes are based on classic traditional recipes and he puts new life in classics with his twist

What's your favourite cuisine and why?
I like all European cuisines; I don’t have specific one cuisine that is my favourite as I think you can get little of each to create interesting dishes. Over the year I find out, you must be open for different cuisines at the same time and try to search for new combinations of flavours.

If you were stranded on a desert island and allowed one item or ingredient from your kitchen, what would it be and why?
Lime – you can get a nice refreshing drink out of it on hot desert island.

You're sharing a recipe with our readers today, why did you choose this one?
This dish is perfect for lunch in hot afternoon in the garden with glass of wine and all ingredients you can get from local market

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